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What does combined manicure mean?

It is a combination of the traditional manicure and Russian manicure with electric nail drill. This technique includes the pushing up a kezelés gombák nail alap the cuticles by using a nail drill with different grinding heads depending on your skin type to remove the dead skin from your nails.

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After that, we cut the remaining skin off as needed. Finally, we adjust the length and the shape of the nails as the customer desires.

Milyen mellékhatásai vannak a körömgombák kezelésében, és van-e valamilyen előny a kezelés során?

During the treatment, the qualified specialist can identify orthopedic and skin irregularities such as nail fungus, plantar wart, viral wart, mole and so on. There are two available options: 1. If the hardening of the skin is not rough, we use Callus foot peeling, a fruit acid exfoliating procedure, which is a pleasant wellness-like experience.

This treatment is completely safe for people with diabetes, hemophilia, sensitive skin and also for pregnant women.

Szisztémás antimikotikum vagy körömlakk segíthet?

This is a quick and easy way to remove calluses and dry, wrinkled skin. After the treatment, silky and soft skin is guaranteed!

If the callus is more severe, we combine the Callus foot treatment with a scalpel pedicure.

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The treatment starts with soaking the feet for minutes, depending on skin type. Then we remove the callus with a scalpel which is followed by the peeling of the callus.

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Both options include the treatment of the nails nail cutting, nail shaping, treatment of ingrown nails without varnishing and rehydration of the pedicured feet using professional cream. Pedicure for women is recommended every weeks.

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Most people want an instant solution at an affordable price, which is understandable. How does Recann pincer nail correction work?

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The nail is adjusted with a paste, which helps to highlight and control the ingrown part of the nail with an adhesive technique. Using the Recann method, we relieve the inflamed surface of the nail. After that we shape the nail to help it to grow in the right direction.

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Recann pincer nail correction is suitable for up to all 10 nails. Instant lightness for the fingers for a more aesthetic look.

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The paste is completely invisible on the surface of the nail, making it easy to nail polish. How long is the treatment?

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A single occasion does not produce a definitive solution, as does any method of regulation and correction. It is advisable to repeat the Recann pincer nail correction every other month, times in total.

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